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Sunday, December 12, 2010

NASA Claims The Hottest November on Record

Also the warmest Meteorological Year (Dec to Nov) on record. All in all, not a surprise.

I expect 2011 to be cooler (Which will cause the Deniers to claim Warming is over, of course) then 2012 will be a SCORCHER!

For those of you wondering why so few updates recently, I'm just back fom a small vacation in my home town of Winnipeg, which is cooler and recieving more snow than it has in years, (although nowhere near what it did when I was growing up)  and is expecting its 4th "Flood of the Century" in the last 18 years, and quite probably their second "500 year flood" in the last 8 years. All floodway bits are being upgraded.

It seems they don't make centuries like they used to. - There's even a few radicals who are linking it all to AGW.

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