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Thursday, December 16, 2010

How Much is a Quadrillion?

One of the most common arguments against doing something about AGW is the cost of converting to renewable energy, etc. People look at the Billion$ it would cost, and say it's just not worth it.

One Denier site recently screamed in triumph that it might cost as much as 5 Trillion dollars worldwide, and then spent the rest of the article ridiculing those who want to solve the problem

But rarely does anyone calculate the cost of NOT doing anything.

Finally, someone has looked at the entire package - and it comes in higher than even I had thought:

The most likely scenario is that it would cost $1.24 Quadrillion  by 2060 - maybe as high as $3.29 Quadrillion! (That's with a "Q", folks!) That would bankrupt every nation on Earth!

If anyone wants to know how they arrived at those numbers, here's the entire report: (Warning - it's quite long - the figures I quoted are from Page 105.)

The Report

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