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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Wind Turbines Take to the Skies

From BBC News:

For JoeBen Bevirt, the future of energy production is up in the clouds.

The inventor is currently putting the final touches to a series of large kites, which he says will be able to harvest the fast crosswinds found at high altitude. His airborne wind turbines will take off and fly to around 2000 feet (600m), where they will float, generating power that can be transferred to the ground via a tether.

"Global wind is a tremendous source of energy - carrying nearly 870 terrawatts in global tropospheric winds," says Mr Bevirt of Joby Energy, which is developing the wind turbine technology.

"In comparison, the global demand is 17 terawatts. Harnessing a tiny fraction will transform the way we power our civilization."

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