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Monday, July 4, 2011

More Awards for the Chevy Volt

Best Caption from a contest by Filmark:
Dear Chevy Volt Owners, Please be courteous and buy a gallon of gas a couple times a year if you desire to continue to use our facilities to clean your windshields. Thank you, The Management.”

Since its introduction, the Chevy Volt has won just about every Automotive award available to it.

Here's one more:


CHICAGO, IL -- Delivering a practical electric car for the masses, the Chevrolet Volt eclipsed the competition to capture MotorWeek’s coveted “Best of the Year” 2011 Drivers’ Choice Award. The honor was announced at the 2011 Chicago Auto Show by MotorWeek, television’s longest running and most respected automotive series.

"For all its game-changing technology, the Volt at its heart is a great car that is fun to drive with none of the range-limiting drawbacks associated with electric vehicles. MotorWeek's recognition of these attributes confirms what we are hearing consistently -- the Volt got it right out of the gate," said Rick Scheidt, VP of Marketing for Chevrolet.

“The Volt is the car all electrics and advanced electric hybrids will have to beat,” said MotorWeek host John Davis. “The Volt takes the idea of an electric car from fantasy to total practicality, combining the latest gas-saving, plug-in technologies for an uncompromising driving experience.”

The best overall among winners in 13 categories, the Chevrolet Volt also took top honors as “Best Eco-Friendly.”

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