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Thursday, March 3, 2011

One Small Vision of the Future

I don't want to toot my area's horn too much, as it would be all too easy to point out Alberta's failings, particularly in regards to the Oilsands, but we are doing a pretty good job in one regard - Windpower:

Two views that are not too far from my back yard:

And this is part of the area it powers: (about 10-20% of the city right now, growing as fast as they can install the windmills)

How much wind power is there in Alberta?

Alberta currently has over 500 megawatts (MW) connected to the grid, which is enough capacity to serve over 500,000 homes. Currently, Alberta is one of the leading provinces in the development of wind power. There are also more than 11,000 MW of wind generation projects that have applied for connection to the transmission system.
The Alberta Windpower Story
We're rapidly reaching the point where our oldest and dirtiest Coal power plants can be shut down. (Actually, the major delay is that our electrical grid needs to be updated - the Province is working on that!)
Unfortunately, there's many other areas in the Province that still need work....

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