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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Electric Cars are Coming!

GM has announced the Chevy Volt will go into commercial production as of Nov 11, But trhere's lots more on the way.

One of the latest ads for the Volt:

But GM is starting to test a totally electrified Cruze in Korea, which undoubtedly would come to North America, as we already get the Gasoline version: 

And of course, Nissan will have the Leaf out about the same time as the Volt:

Toyota has announced their new Plug-In Hybrid Prius - not as advanced as the Volt, with only 14 miles on pure electricity, but probably cheaper, and it's a proven platform...

Ford is bringing out the Focus electric - like most pure electrics, about 100 miles per charge:

Amd of course, Tesla has been in production long enough to be onto its second generation.
A sports car with preformance that can give the big names fits:

Tesla is also bringing out an electric sports sedan. Pricey, but great performance, 300 miles range, and GORGEOUS!


In addition, nearly every manufacturer in the world has prototypes running.
The ones shown are the ones in production now or nearly so.

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