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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Coastal North Carolina's Second 500-Year Rainfall in 11 Years

These extreme events are getting more and more common.

As Climate Progress said, they don't make 500 year storms like they used to.

Original post from Capital Climate:

Excessive rainfall in the Cape Fear region of North Carolina from a tropical conveyor belt including the remnants of Tropical Storm Nicole has broken the total rainfall record from Hurricane Floyd in 1999. The Floyd rainfall has been described by the National Weather Service as a once-in-500-year event.

The NWS reported this morning that the 19.66" at Wilmington in the 3 days ending yesterday is the highest 3-day total precipitation in records that began in 1871. The 10.33" on Monday is also the second highest all-time single day amount following Floyd's 13.38" on Sept. 15, 1999. The September total so far of 20.84" through this morning is the second highest for the month behind 1999. Heavy rain is continuing at Wilmington, and an additional 0.45" has fallen in the 6 hours ending at 2 pm EDT.

3 PM Update:

An additional 0.30" has fallen in the last hour with visibility reduced to 1.5 miles in continuing heavy rain.

4 PM Update:

Heavy rain continues, 0.39" more in the last hour.

5 PM Update:

The 0.42" in the latest hour brings the 3-hour total to 1.11". As of 4 pm, today's total was 1.74" and September to date was 22.17".

6 PM Update:

Wilmington has received 0.14" more in the last hour as the rainfall has diminished to moderate.

Elizabeth City's total so far today of 4.09" is still short of the record 4.52" for the date.

The 2.53" at Richmond VA is below the record of 2.85".

Today's 5.62" at Norfolk VA through 5 pm is a new record for the date. It's the third highest daily record for all of September. An additional 0.19" has fallen in the last hour.

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