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Thursday, July 15, 2010

June Smashes the Records Again

From Climate Progress:

July 15, 2010

NOAA’s National Climatic Data Center (NCDC) has posted its State of the Climate, Global Analysis for June. The results confirm NASA’s: The first half of 2010 breaks the thermometer.

Here are some highlights:

•June was the fourth consecutive month that was the warmest on record for the combined global land and surface temperatures (March, April, and May were also the warmest). (February was a frigid Fourth warmest, as I recall, and January was also the warmest) This was the 304th consecutive month with a combined global land and surface temperature above the 20th century average. The last month with below average temperatures was February 1985.

•It was the warmest June on record for the land surfaces of the globe. Previous record was set in 2005. The land surface temperature exceeded the previous record by 0.11˚C (0.20˚F). This large difference over land contributed strongly to the overall global land and ocean temperature anomaly….

•The year-to-date (January-June) combined global land and ocean temperature was the warmest on record…..

•2010 surpassed 1998 (Feb, Jul, Aug) for the most “warmest months” in any calendar year….

•Each of the 10 warmest average global temperatures recorded since 1880 have occurred in the last fifteen years. The warmest year-to-date on record, through June, was 1998, and 2010 is warmer so far.
We're well on our way to a record year, Folks!

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