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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

John Abraham Answers Christopher Monckton

For those of you who haven't (yet) heard of Christopher Monckton, he is a self-styled expert on everything who has become the leading speaker for the Deniers. He is now travelling the world giving a slide show, sort of the Denier's answer to Gore's Inconvenient Truth.

Unfortunately, Monckton's understanding of Truth leaves a lot to be desired.

Dr. John Abraham is a Professor of Mechanical Engineering, specializing in Heat Transfer, and has published about Global Warming as related to his specialty. He has decided to answer Monckton, point by point.

It's an excellent presentation, and by the end of it, you will know a lot about Climate Science, in spite of Monckton.

It's about 90 minutes long...

John Abraham's Presentation



  1. The blog is a nice idea.

    But John Abraham is a professor in engineering, not climate science.

  2. Valid point, I misstated... I'll rewrite that part to try to make it more accurate.

    He has worked on Heat distribution related to AGW for some time now, so I consider him so.

    But I should be more specific - thank you.



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