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Friday, April 9, 2010

The Warmest March Ever

From Accuweather:

According to the latest satellite measured temperature data of the lower troposphere from Remote Sensing Systems (RSS), March 2010 was the warmest March in the satellite record, going back to 1979.

Overall, March 2010 was .652 degrees Celsius above the 1979-2000 average.

As you can see, much of Canada was 5C/9F above normal (as well as very dry), and the forecasters are predicting Dust Bowl conditions across the Canadian Prairies. It was also very warm across most of the northern US.

Interestingly, March 2010 was the 4th Warmest month EVER globally (January 2010 drops to 5th), warmer than any month other than Northern summer 1998...

(I hear someone ask: "If we're talking Global Temps here, why does it matter whether it's summer in the north or not? If it's winter here, it would be summer in the south...")

Good question. The reason is that there's more land mass in the north, and land heats up more in the summer than water does. 

Hang on to your hat Folks. 2010 is gonna be a scorcher!

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