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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Six Degrees Celsius

The series of Videos I am posting here were originally shown by National Geographic in early 2008.

The IPCC's conservative estimate is that we will have reached up to 6 degrees of warming by 2100 - I think it'll be much earlier.

I think they're well worth reviewing, particularly since we're already beginning to see many of the predictions coming true for both one and two degrees of warming...

We are nearing 1 degree Celsius warming. We'll probably get there before 2020, depending upon when the Sun comes out of its minimum and a couple of other things, including how soon the Politicians get their act together.

Here's what was predicted for one degree warming several years ago - we're already seeing most of this!

Here's two degrees - we're seeing some of this too!

And the rest:

We CAN avoid this, but not if we let the Deniers win!

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