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Saturday, March 6, 2010

How Claims of "Fudged Scientific Results" start

This is a copy of an actual Blog exchange between Tim Lambert, a climate programmer, and Louis Hissik, a Denier who thinks he knows enough to shoot holes in all of Climate Science.
(I've knocked out some irrelevant bits, as it would be far too long otherwise...)

I'll print a big chunk of the long exchange, then the short version:

From Tim:
In my original post I said that I downloaded the data and provided a link so that anyone else could download it. You responded by intimating that the data was somehow secret. I reminded you that my post said that I had downloaded it. Now you want me to supply it to you? Are you incapable of following a link?

From Louis:
where are your data Tim ?

From Tim:
Louis, I've told you over and over and over again how to get the data. Follow the link in my original post. Why is this so hard for you?

From Louis:
I do not need to recover the rural data from the data set to prove you wrong.

YOU have to extract them to prove YOUR point, and thus allow us the opportunity to see whether you have fudged the data or not.

From Tim:
Louis, I HAVE extracted the rural data and plotted the results. I have provided a link to the data and a link to the program I wrote to average and extract the data. You just refuse to look at the data.

From Louis:
Sorry Tim, I am looking at the data right now. But I am looking at the RAW data.
Your ball, Tim,

From Tim:
Louis, I wrote a program in perl to average the data. The link is in my original post and always has been. Download it and run it.

From Louis:
(Ohh never mind - it just goes on, and on, with Louis claiming that the program has been deliberately hidden - it seems that Louis can't even recognize a Perl program, never mind run it.)

Now the short version:

"But where is the data?"


"No, I want you to show me the data"

"Yes, here it is again, in the same spot as before"

"But you haven't provided the data"

"I just did. Here it is again"

"No, I mean the way you processed it"

"Yes, that was with the data I gave you"

"You're just trying to conceal it aren't you?"

There is no way Tim will ever win - he might as well go shoot himself, or Louis - he's a Climate Criminal, tried and convicted of fraud and withholding data... Case Closed.

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