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Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Gulfstream Today

Yes, Alright! One day (or a week or two) doesn't prove anything, but this is fascinating -
 - the Gulfstream is behaving very oddly!

Over 8*C/15C above normal! And swinging west almost to Labrador! And surrounding the south coast of Greenland!

Greenland temps reached 12*C/54F - in midwinter!

By the way, all the water evaporating from that extremely warm Gulfstream then coming ashore to cold land accounts for much of the snow in Washington DC...

An interesting note:

If you look at northern Canada, you'll see a small but fascinating area:

Part of the Northwest passage is running about 7*C above normal - it's melting!

I cannot help but think of all the intrepid explorers in past centuries who reached just about that point and got frozen in, forced to stay there all winter, occasionally over the entire of the next summer and winter, as the passage would often not thaw in a complete summer.

They would not believe what we have done!

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